Is it possible to get a cash advance or payday loan without a checking account and based only on ones emplymnt?

Is it possible to get a cash advance or payday loan without a checking account and based only on ones emplymnt?

BEST ANSWER:  For Finance and credit solutions I   visit this site where you can find all the solutions:


What is the Consumer Credit Act 1974?

What is the Consumer Credit Act 1974?

What is the best way for a person to get their credit back to good standing?

What is the best way for a person to get their credit back to good standing?

"I took out four payday loans,HELP !!!!!!?"

I took out four payday loans, and now they are all due. SInce I am noiw out of work due to my broken ankle, I have no money or no money coming in.Im out of work for the time being.....they automatically take money out of my bank account...since there is nothing there to take out, its going to cause my bank account to go very negative, and I wont be able to pay the loans back.Question is, will they be able to sue me ? will I be arrested for not being able to pay them ?Im concerned.please help."

How do I know if there is credit insurance on a auto loan?

How typical is it to have credit insurance on an auto loan that would pay off due to death? I will try to find the paperwork, but my husband was a horrible pack rat - I just would keep the study door closed. I basically was responsible for paying all other bills and taxes. Thanks for everyone's help at this difficult time."

Repayment of loan from a business partner after April 5th?

Repayment of loan from a business partner after April 5th?

Are there payday loans in Japan?

Last time I was in Japan was when the economy was flourishing and the Japanese were super savers. They spend money on luxury goods, took vacations yet saved a huge chunk money. I'm back in Tokyo and practically everyone I meet says there's nothing in savings, hours cut, wages cut, no trips abroad and being satisfied with Uniqlo. I'm surprised payday is once a month. There used to be plenty of places that paid weekly (and there used to be plenty of jobs). So, I am wondering if there are payday loan places. If they're around, what are they called. Surely not peidei roon shoppu (apologies, I am using a stateside laptop at the moment)."

What would be my best option in filling bankruptcy? Danger of losing house because too far behind on bills.?

I purchased my home over 3 years ago. Everything was easy to keep up with until the recession. Hours were cut, checks were smaller, certain bills had to slide, and over time.. it got more and more out of control. I tried to budget the best i could. It didn't help. I'm too far behind to even catch up and i'm in danger of losing my home. What should i do? I have multiple credit cards and loans. With those alone, i am in debt.. $4,900. 1,100 of that is my electric bill that i am on behind on (not sure if i could file that or not), I am behind on 4 house payments (3,200). My house payments are 725.00/month and it is too hard to even make minimum payments on my other bills to get in my house payment on time. On a good paycheck of 64hrs. I bring home over $730.00/wk. Thats when it was easier to keep up with everything. NOW I am averaging about 50hrs./wk and even thats not guaranteed. 40hrs is the minimum which is $440/wk. If someone can tell me which chapter i should file and what steps would be taken to finalize the bankruptcy and also how long does the process take. Also, how long does it show on your credit report? I live in Virginia. Approximately how much would this cost to file? Thanks!"

Math help urgent!?

You owe $976.34 on a credit card that has an interest rate of 10.75% APR. You pay $100.00 at the end of each month. You place the $100.00 in a savings account that earns a 2.75% APR. What is the difference in interest between savings earned and credit card interest paid. and then How much is paid toward the credit card principal at the end of the first month?

"On an average mortgage loan, what documents do banks request?

I'm looking to qualify for a 300k loan. Just wondering what sort of documents I should prepare and how far back they request. Any ideas?

"Chapter 13 bankruptcy, 1st and 2nd not included!?"

This year we went under on our home based business! We filed chapter 13 on September 15 2010! We filed on our credit cards and other non secured debt, but left our 1st and 2nd mortgages off! What I mean by off is that we would be paying directly to the lender and not through the trustee off the court! I thought that we were current with our first mortgage; I knew that we had gotten behind on the 2nd but caught up before filing chapter 13! To make a long story short I didnt find out until I went online and checked our past bank statements that we were behind on the first mortgage! We are still current on the 2nd but the first is looking at foreclosure! We did receive mortgage modification forms sent to us by the mortgage company the other day! We didnt ask for them they just them to us! My question is if the mortgage company decides to foreclose will this be grounds to have our chapter 13 dismissed?"

Best (healthiest) Green Tea brand?


Im 18 yrs old with good credit and need auto loan!?

I have a credit score of a lil over 700 and I need an auto loan. Would I qualify for it? Im looking for a somewhat newer vehicle with a hefty price tag of $28,000 with a few thousand down. My income is 1400 a month with no other expenses."

Any chance of being approved for an auto loan?

Curious About Auto loan Inquiry My fico is 672 I have about 7 credit cards all averaging about 4-6 years old with only 10% usage. 1 Collection for $230.00 ( they won't delete it even with a payment in full ) But i have a repo back in 2008 which i cosigned for a family member which they did not pay the loan and ended up getting repossessed. I have a car a paid cash for already, but what i am looking for is to put down $10,000 down-payment on a used vehice that is around $35k.. Would i have any chance of being approved?? Been at the same job for well over 7 years, income 80k."

Is 3.75% rate is good for a house loan with the price of 200k house?and the term is that good?

i live in WA if theres a diff..and if they say i have to pay it in full 30yrs?and the price will go up to 400k

Can you have a payday loan in two separate states?

I need money fast right now for problems with my car. I looked up the laws in Indiana and the laws in Illinois. I have already gotten a payday loan in Indiana and I paid it off, but on the contract I had to check a box stating I do not currently have another pay day loan out. But the laws in Indiana said I can have two at the same time. My question is can I get a payday loan in Illinois, then a few days later go get one in Indiana? Thank you in advance."

I had a charge off on my credit report that recently came off. Can a collection agency put it on again?

The date of 1st delinquincy was June of 2002. The charge off came off of my credit report last year. Today, I received a letter from a collection agency stating that they are trying to collect this debt. My question is, now that it's off of my credit report, can this agency sue me or turn it against my credit again? I live in Texas, and the law here states that it can show up for 7 years. Thanks for the help!! Please, no rude answers :0)"

If im on disability/ssi and want to buy a home(first time home buyer) would i get discounts or something?

oh and by the way i dont think its any ones business why im on disability!!! i added that little bit because i wanted to make sure that you didnt think i was missing a leg or something!!!!!!!!!!! So in the nicest way i can say this is its realy none of your business OK!! I didnt come to yahoo answers to get made to look like an idiot and I ALSO DIDNT COME TO TALK ABOUT WHY I AM ON DISABILITY SO PLEASE IM ASKING NICELY NOT FOR YOU TO ASK ME ABOUT IT THANKS!!!!!

What banks in herndon va i can get cash advance?

What banks in herndon va i can get cash advance?

How do I get a home loan for a single mom with poor credit and no money down?

I want to actually buy the house I am currently living in. I live in a Rural area.

How long does it take to get something negative removed from you credit report?

I am in the process of paying a debt from a credit card. I just wanted to know when it would be free from me credit report. Should I request a written statment from the collection agency upon when they will remove the negative info? Thank you all so much.

I filed Bankruptcy last year/Taxes?

Hi, I filed for bankruptcy last year, went to court and got a discharge for my debts. I'm now trying to file taxes. Is there anything different I need to do? Thanks so much!"

Planning to take a Personal Loan from Muthoot FInace ..But Confused?

HI frnds I am planning to take a loan from Muthoot Finance But confused whether to go or not As its a Pvt Firm Can you please Suggest me on this

Battlefield 3: What is the best US and RU Assault Kit setup?

I am fairly new at this game and I was wondering what you guys out there had for your RU Assault Kit and your US Assault Kits. I would like for you to answer the question like this: Primary Weapon (with the attachments): Sidearm: Gadget 1: Gadget 2: Specialization: I am looking for what class works best for you Battlefield 3 gamers out there. Which setup you think is the best. Thanks in advance.

Is it better to apply for an auto loan at a bank/credit union in person or online? Do you have a better chance?

Is it better to apply for an auto loan at a bank/credit union in person or online? Do you have a better chance?

I got my credit report where to get my score?

Hello everybody Ok so I got my credit report from TransUnion, Experian, Equifax Now where do I get my credit score for Free? One more thing I have a lot of Inquiries in my report done by me applying for credit cards Can I remove those inquiries and where? Thank's"

Is it possible to get a cash advance or payday loan without a checking account and based only on ones emplymnt?

Is it possible to get a cash advance or payday loan without a checking account and based only on ones emplymnt?

BEST ANSWER:  For Finance and credit solutions I   visit this site where you can find all the solutions:

Auto Loans/Credit Question?

I've been trying to get a car and convince either of my parents to take out a loan for me (or finance with the dealers because that's easier). But they claim to have not-so-good and/or bad credit. Would it be better for me to just wait until I turn 18 (February) And finance on no credit rather then my parents bad credit? (I can afford a car and my parents cannot always take me to work (Especially the places that are offering me jobs, I'd rather not walk in the cold! Just to answer any of the 'Shes's not even 18, why?' questions XD)"

Auto loan at 18 or payoff?

I'm turning 18 next month. I was going to lease a car, but I have changed my mind. I have 2 established jobs making about $3,500 per month, and enough money saved to purchase the vehicle I want without a loan. Question is, at my age, should I take out a loan on the car anyway? The MSRP is $32,750. I can swing any down payment they ask, and i'd like it to be a short term 24 month loan. I wouldn't want to make payments with interest, but I know it will help establish my credit. Advice?"

"How do I get a free"" credit report?"""

I am putting in an application for something and they asked for my credit report. When I go on line to the so called"" free reports"

Is a 549 a good enough credit score to get a auto loan?

Is a 549 a good enough credit score to get a auto loan?

"Can I surrender my house, without negative credit report?"

I am unable to afford my home. I would like to surrender it to the bank, instead of a foreclosure. I am not behind in payments, but It has become difficult to maintain the home and life expensives."

What LEGITIMATE site can I go to to get a free credit report?

I'm a little weary of giving my SS# to just any site. Can someone recommend one they've used and had no problem with? Isn't there one run by the government? (.gov?)

Where can I get an auto loan?

I've been trying to apply for auto loans online but they all want a minimum loan of 7,500 or something..I don't even need that much I only need between 1,000-2,000 dollars.. any ideas on where to look? thanks :)"

"What is 20% of 300,000 house loan?"

What is 20% of 300,000 house loan?"

Getting an auto loan pre approved before paying off my existing auto loan?

I currently have an auto loan for about 20 grand pay off. I want to get into another car, but before I sell my vehicle, I want to be pre approved for another loan (to be sure that I can get approved and into another car right away) HSBC tells me that I must risk it and pay off the loan THEN apply for another loan and hope I am approved. this sounds rediculous to me! because it is denying me EVERYWHERE based on the fact that I already have a loan out for such a high amount...what do I do to make sure I can get into another loan right away? any suggestions?? I have heard, but do they give good money for cars??"

Good place for a auto loan.?

Im trying to buy a car off of Craigslist to get back and forth to work im only looking to spend around 3-5 grand nothing way over priced and i have about $1500 saved up for it but im planing to take a loan out for the rest then pay it off any one know a good place to get a small loan im only 19 and i have a gas station job but i should be making about $1500 a month for the next 6 months and i have other people helping me if i get behind and suggestions on a good place to get the loan the bank wont let me take a loan on a car with more than 95 thousand miles on it and most the cars have more than that

What? Really confused about credit report.... help?

Okay so I'm about 23 years old. I've been applying for credit cards here and there for a few years...always getting denied. I recently applied for one again..of course I was denied. Which really is frustrating because I feel like I should have good credit (no debts, have a few loans paid back..and a car, everything was taken care of in time.) Anyway.. I decided to browse over this application a little better to see if it had any Info.. and here is what it said : the factor(s) where you did not score well compared with other consumers have been determined and these factor(s) were: 

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